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Just 20 kilometers from the Villa the wonderful Verona, a city full of history and charm to fall in love…

Verona, a city full of art, history, culture, entertainment and declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Famous people from every epoch have passed through here, singing praises for the unique charm that captures your soul and for its beauty and hidden treasures. Rich in every kind of leisure activity from the most cultural to the most modern, Verona knows how to offer its visitors the best of itself with the grace of a charming lady, with the sensation of still being in a city made for people, which is becoming more difficult to find in other Italian cities.

Most important monuments:

Villa Maffei Rizzardi

Villa Maffei Rizzardi - Cortegrande s.s.

Via Legnago 29
37050 - Palù VERONA
P.IVA 00673040234

To rent the Villa

Giulia Farina

Mob: + 39 346 4791098
Skype: giuliafar

For location/events

Emanuela Farina

Mob: +39 349 5430045