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Perfect location for any type of event, the Villa has no limits of space, and thanks to its Palladian style with the majestic barns that form the wings, gives a great scenic effect, gorgeous and rustic at the same time.

From the main gate in front of the facade driving along the big round guests have direct access to the main entrance of the Villa, the Ladies come down and the cars reach the large parking lot adjacent to the Court ...


A great stage effect in a place that seems born to receive: the stately garden behind the Villa, the barns and the interior of the Villa are the places that you can choose for your event.

EVENTS: Weddings - Parties - Gala Evenings
BUSINESS: Corporate Events - Seminars - Team Building - Products presentation
LOCATION: Photo Shooting - Film sets - Art exhibitions - Fashion Show - Markets


The majestic garden with lawns with episodes of shady groves and flowering shrubs, creating a peaceful and restful space where you can enjoy the seasons. Discret and elegant is the pool area, with its gazebo where are intertwined roses and jasmine.

These qualities make it possible receptions and events who will find an ideal location, with the possibility of even different times of the reception in the various spaces in the same day.

The spaces

Ground floor of the villa
250 sq. meters which can seated up to 210 people
Main living room of 85 square meters, 90 people
Attached covered porch of 56 sq. meters


The Barchesse
240 sq. meters of open plan indoor garden view, 170 people


There are no limits for this great space


On request is possible, previous accord, let the couple sleep in the "Room of Juliet" (name taken from a famous ancestor who lived and crowned a beautiful love story, confirming that this name in Verona is synonymous of amorous passions ....) or prolong events and receptions inviting some guests to be together and maybe enjoy the pool and garden the following day.

The are five bedrooms, all furnished with antique furniture.

Alternatively ..

Adjacent to the principal Court with the Villa, we make available a very particular space that has a lower cost but of great charm for those who can grasp its beauty. Definitely an original place .. but not for everyone!
These are two large porches (each 220 sq. meters), with a central barn century with vaulted ceilings and columns in tuff (273 sq. meters), all with views to the east in a green area and west to the garden of the Villa.
The buildings are to be restored, but can be a wonderful location for parties of kids, important birthdays, graduation parties, snacks for children, and other major events of a more rustic than the Villa, or more "trendy".

In the three areas, where they can be seated even total 400\500, can be inserted with various solutions spaces for catering, so you can organize events of a certain number (association meetings, fairs, tastings, courses training, parties with live music)

In all cases it is given ample parking and a dedicated access

Without obligation feel free to contact us to have informations about costs and to visit the Villa



Villa Maffei Rizzardi

Villa Maffei Rizzardi - Cortegrande s.s.

Via Legnago 29
37050 - Palù VERONA
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To rent the Villa

Giulia Farina

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For location/events

Emanuela Farina

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