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We have the first news of the Villa since the XV century, with the representation of the Dovecote tower and an adjoining building.

Then a wall fenced a much larger space, were there were probably the poorest houses built in material such as wood and straw, usual at the time.We have the following description of the architectural evolution of the buildings of the Court thanks to the maps that the Serenissima Republic was drawn up and attached to requests for diversions of water.

Then we have a  1700 description of the Court with a central Villa and outbuildings wich important wings on either side closing the Court where there is now the huge park in front of the villa.

But the current appearance comes from a remake of the 1800s, when, the owner Giovanni Battista Cressotti, made the transformations that still characterize the prospects, with long elegant barns of Palladio memory.

Since then, until recently, the Court becomes the center of a vast agricultural land, where the succession of the seasons alternated work in the fields and seething life of many families, who lived in the many rooms of the buildings and the outbuildings. We have news of the Villa through a testament of the nineteenth century that describes in detail the interior and contents, with bequests . 

The house belonged to Giulietta Zorzi, a Venetian noblewoman who had a passionate love story that is still told in the family: the young girl, whose father had been entrusted to a guardian, many years her senior, who took care of her education, and that as it was used then found a worthy young man when she was in marriageable age. But the girl was taken to the news by inconsolable crying to which the elderly guardian, surprised and displeased, he sought an explanation. What amazement and joy when Juliet, in tears , told him that she loved him and he never wanted anyone else.
The Guardian gathered the whole family, and with much patience and courage announced " I will marry Giulietta and I will not any comment," leaving everyone stunned . It was a very happy marriage, and Juliet lived in the Villa for all her long life.

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