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Food and Wine

The Verona area, thanks to its renowned wines and gourmet offers many opportunities. Our suggestions ..


La Casara - Soave

This handicraft company is located in a place called Brenton, 30 kilometers from the Villa in full territory of Soave wine. It was born as a dairy but offers also a wide range of genuine tasting meats produced from them.

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Riso - Isola della Scala

Verona is also famous for the cultivation of rice and its typical risotto. The consortium Vialone Nano offers various itineraries for the discovery and tasting of rice. Some itineraries also offered visits to stacks of old rice mills.

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Villa Maffei Rizzardi

Villa Maffei Rizzardi - Cortegrande s.s.

Via Legnago 29
37050 - Palù VERONA
P.IVA 00673040234

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Giulia Farina

Mob: + 39 346 4791098
Skype: giuliafar

For location/events

Emanuela Farina

Mob: +39 349 5430045