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Well known as one of the most beautiful city in the world, Venice is just 111 Kilometers far from the Villa, less than one hour by motorway. We suggest to reach Piazzale Roma, park your car and use the ferries to get around the city.

Venice sightseeing apart, for those who want to enjoy a nice day on the sea, we recommend a visit to the Lido, a place full of character that is worth a visit.




The city of Gonzaga, since 2008 UNESCO Heritage Site, it is considered one of the main centers of the European Renaissance. It is only 42 kilometers from the Relais and can be reached on the motorway.
Works by Mantegna, Pisanello and Giulio Romano, Mantua definitely falls between the Italian city little known abroad, a jewel to be discovered.




Well Known as “Andrea Palladio’s city”, the architect considered among the greatest of all time, he realized here many buildings in the late Renaissance. Vicenza is only 50 Kilometers from the Villa and worth a visit especially for architecture lovers.




Small medieval town just 20 kilometers from the Villa, we recommend this visit especially for the famous castle that is one of the best examples of castle structure in Veneto.




It is Considered one ofthe oldest cities inItaly and iscalled the "Capital of painting of the fourteenth century". Definitely has to be mentioned the Scrovegni Chapel of Giotto. Universallyknown as thecity of the Saint, a name with whichis called St. Anthony in Padua, the famous Franciscan whose remains are preserved in the Basilica with the same name. Visited by pilgrims from all around the world.
Padua is 85 kilometers from the Villa.


Villa Maffei Rizzardi

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